April 22, 2021

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Happy Earth Day everyone 🌍

We've always been committed to doing our very best to help the environment in our work. And we are especially proud to offer you the very best in eco friendly floristry 💐

All of our flowers are delivered in compostable paper and completely plastic free packaging, resulting in zero landfill waste 🗑

We don't import any of our flowers and are happy to let you know that all of the flowers we sell are grown on British soil 🌻

Our gorgeous blooms have the most efficient journey from the farms to your home - resulting in our bunches being the freshest they can possibly be 🌷

By committing to all of the above, it ensures that our floristry supports the natural seasons and the British ecosystem 🌳

So when you get flowers from Studio Muse, you can feel confident and happy that you're making a great choice all round! 💖