March 10, 2022


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It’s so utterly heartbreaking witnessing the events in Ukraine; horrifying to think of what those poor children and families are going through. A particularly poignant moment was seeing a ‘makeshift’ neonatal unit put together in a bunker for sick and premature babies, all their ‘kit’ and oxygen tanks and tiny babies lined up being guarded by nurses and distraught parents. I can’t even begin to imagine how frightening that must be. It’s easy to feel helpless watching on and at home we’re trying to articulate the events to the mini’s in a child-safe way. The thread running through all our conversations is ‘how we can help’. Keeping them in our thoughts, raising money for them, and the pledge from our eldest, Alfie, is that we share our home and keep other families safe when they come to the UK 💙

Our small offering this week is our Flower Stand. We’re dedicating this week’s flower stand to the beautiful colours of 🇺🇦 and ALL PROFITS will go directly to @disastersemergencycommittee to help support their amazing work.

We’re praying for you 🇺🇦