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November 05, 2021

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A lovely surprise to see a huge flurry of new followers so I thought I’d say a big hello and give you a peek in to our world … my name’s Amy and Studio Muse is my business baby since Feb 2019 … born out of a pretty rubbish time in 2018 with the sole purpose of being ‘therapy’! I’ve come from a beauty background in aesthetics and professional makeup artistry and have owned beauty salons in a former life.

We have four gorgeous, wild boys who like to teach me patience, open mindedness and resilience on a daily basis! Being an active Mum in business is not for the faint-hearted and comes with many challenges. At times we say ‘hard would be easy’ but we’ve learned that any hard moments are simply that and they will pass. What I do know is that the support of other strong Women through friendships and business is so invaluable and has massively helped me through those testing times!

I adore the creative and positive energy we have at Studio Muse and are blessed with a wonderful team to embrace all my (crazy) ideas! We’re so passionate to create a ‘feel good’ space and the tonnes of happy comments and reviews makes my heart sing daily. I spend more of my time in our ‘makery’ than the shop and love to channel my creative energy in to designing and creating our product collections and developing our brand. I also curate all the floral side of our business which I have to say rocketed during covid and is now a huge part of our business. I’m both blessed and cursed with an abundant supply of ideas and plans … and at times am hugely frustrated I can’t do things any quicker. Cont…