April 29, 2021

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Day three sees a wonderful soul, Lucy. Another sunny and joyful human with a gentle and kind heart, she's hugely passionate about vegan and natural beauty/wellbeing and can't wait to share her tips and tricks with our customers 😊

Lucy will now be with us regularly each Sunday from 9th May ... welcome Lucy! 💕

A few words from Lucy ... "I’m Lucy mum of 2 plus a slightly bonkers cockapoo called milo.

I come from a beauty and high end retail background. Having trained with and worked for Estée Lauder for many years. Both here in Cardiff and up in Manchester.

3 things I love:

I absolutely love tea and need at least 2 big mugs in the morning before I can even function properly. Builders Strength with milk no sugar please...

Chatting... lots! Which is why I love all the customers at Studio Muse. Getting to know lots of them already has been fab.

Afternoon naps... the best! Although I can’t remember the last time I actually had one 😂

I view my days at the shop more as therapy than actual work. Amy has created something special, it’s a real little sanctuary in our somewhat crazy world that I really look forward to sharing with all of you ❤️"