May 01, 2021

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Today we meet ... me! I’m Amy the super proud owner of Studio Muse. A bit of my journey … I moved to London at 18 and trained in professional editorial makeup/hair artistry at London College of Fashion. I’ve also been a practicing Aesthetician since 2011 specialising in clinical facials, permanent cosmetics and microblading. I love helping Women explore their beauty in a totally authentic and natural way. Im married to the love of my life Nick, live in Pontcanna and have four beautiful Sons. It’s busy!

I’ve lived in London and Bath and both cities profoundly influenced my passion for high-end beauty retail (Selfridges and Bobbi Brown) and lux brands. Since 21 I have been in business, my first was A Brush with Beauty which ran 2004-2018. This saw two studios plus me and a small team whizzing around the UK (and further) delivering gorgeous ‘minimalist lux’ makeup & hair design to Brides at some of the most sensational venues I’ve ever seen. Featured in glossies and in 2017 were voted in the Top 7 bridal beauty companies by London Evening Standard alongside Richard Ward and The Ritz Spa.

In 2018, after an ‘emotional battering’ I broke in a big way and flowers became therapy. We created Studio Muse which has stolen my heart. I dreamed of a beautiful ‘feel good’ space I would stumble across in a leafy London village, filled with fresh flowers and handmade beauty products, delivering an amazing customer experience. The flowers have swept us away and we’ve totally become ‘accidental florists’. But we’ve sussed the business of it we’re in plans to add more locations for our fresh flowers! My personal focus is to further studies in Cosmetic Science and bring you more lux vegan treats for face, body and home.

I love to write for magazines and pen my ramblings at every chance. I drink my coffee black and love dark chocolate. I adore the stylish simplicity of black and white but favourite colours are cerulean blue and Indian pink. I have a dangerous love of vintage jewellery, sunglasses and shoes. I’m a Scorpio to the bone and miss my vintage car ‘Lady BB’ every day. All time favourite place to escape - Italy! Ciao! xx