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July 25, 2022

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Go To Post     • R E S E T • Peeps you know me for a sentiment post from time to time so this is a lil one to give ‘some colour’ to happenings the past year at Studio Muse in case you’d thought I’d lost the plot! Some of you will know my husband was very unwell last Autumn/Winter and many horrendous rollercoasters have been ridden throughout that journey since … so our lovely business has taken a back seat and thankfully my incredible bestie @kate.bow.uk and her hubby Leigh have done an exceptional job this year of taking care of the business baby while I went 💯 family mode. Studio Muse would quite literally not be here now had it not been for them and I am incredibly grateful to them both ❤️ I’m very excited to explore working with them more in the future and embrace our new dream team! The past year has been horrific and our family has been pushed (again) to our limits. With Ben born very prem in early 2018, Harry prem in late 2019, the dreaded pandemic, Nick being unwell and a billion shades of shit in between, it really has exhausted us to the core. I’m sure you can all resonate with this!! I’m so exceptionally proud of our boys how well they’ve adapted and coped and our support system across family, friends and the boys school has been epic, so so grateful 🙏🏻 So! This isn’t a ‘we’re closing down post’, it’s more a ‘sorry i’ve been MIA’ and a ‘we’re all a bit knackered’ post 😂 So although I was trying to push the refit and our new chapter through waaaaaay before now, we’re going to take the summer holidays off with the kids and reopen properly in September when we’ve completed the refit to the standard that is befitting of our brand. Beautifully made products will welcome you in a calm and bright new makery/retail studio, where you will be able to see us making our goodies and sample new treats. I will also be opening my Aesthetics books again for clients in the Autumn (I know I’ve had to say no a lot!) At some point we’ll sort the socials and website out too but all in good time hey 😂 Have a beautiful summer, bring on 2022/23 and a bright new chapter … much love Amy xx