• SERIOUSLY? • . Who likes our...

March 27, 2021

Who likes our...

Go To Post     • SERIOUSLY? • . Who likes our new cat flap! 🙄 Thanks to whoever booted through our door this week but good news you did leave a rather fabulous footprint behind 👍🏼 . On a plus not too much drama and our friend James had it expertly fixed and reinforced in no time. They left quite a mess inside and #southwalespolice were amazing. They came so quickly and were able to take prints and get cctv footage. So today we won’t be doing any collections from the shop but you’ll see us having a good sort out and tidy ... thanks Mum!! . Next week we’ll be able to offer Wednesday and Saturday deliveries for all Easter florals so pop over online to order yours. Thanks so much for all your orders so far, the flowers are now well into mid Spring and feature incredible scent and colour. . Thanks for all the kind messages past few days and offers of help, I’m so touched ♥️ . #community #teamwork #sticktogether #flowersmakemehappy #easterblooms #pontcannashoppingtrail #britishblooms #doorstepblooms #posiesbypost