• STYLE • . I can’t deny...

April 09, 2021

I can’t deny...

Go To Post     • STYLE • . I can’t deny I absolutely adore the simplicity of monochrome. I’ve always loved uncomplicated, quiet and understated ‘easy chic’ styling in all that I do ... I’ve owned businesses since I was 19 and my then unbeknown ‘signature’ style has transcended all chapters. It seems to be my happy place and where I feel most ‘me’. But Style, I feel, also comes in to the shopping experience of a brand too ... whether it be the personal service, or the details and special ‘finishing touches’ to each purchase to help make you feel valued. . It’s not gone unnoticed how many of you love to send our flowers and products as gifts when you need to tell someone how special they are ... you trust us to make a good job of it and that means everything. I’m so grateful for this and it’s reassured me at the times when it has all felt a bit rubbish that we’re doing a good job ... thriving not surviving and all that!! . Over the various lockdowns i’ve taken such joy in strengthening our brand Style and doing more creative things ... designing bespoke new wrappings and boxes for our flowers, creating our signature vegan candles and refreshing our website to name a few; basically ‘ramping up’ all that we already did to bring you the very best. So this is to say a huge THANK YOU for giving me confidence to be myself again ... I’m sure all new/experienced Mums will feel this at some point; trying to juggle it all physically and mentally is bloody hard. You’ll never feel you’re doing a good job ... but when your babies smile at you and your shop looks on point it makes for one happy girly 💗 . Hopefully we’ll be ready to reopen by Tuesday but don’t be surprised if my OCD gets the better of me and it turns into Friday 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ Will keep you posted with sneak peeks of our new products! Can’t wait to have our shop back full of smiles xx . Huge thanks too this week to @styleofthecitymag and @georginacartwright for the lovely article about mindful shopping, it’s a great read and features good friends in there too 🌷🌸🌼 . #mindfulshopping #pontcannashoppingtrail #shopfront #flowerstand #shopsofinstagram #shopwindow #signaturestyle #monochrome #ecoluxe #simplicity #blackandwhite