March 08, 2022

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Happy International Women’s Day gorgeous girls! Busy Women really do Run the World and this beautiful artwork by @jadefishercardco made me smile … Female entrepreneurs are a force of nature and many of us are juggling and hustling all sorts night, noon and day!

Finding your tribe is essential, a few good women in your world can make even the hardest times more gentle. Today I want to give the biggest shout out to my superwoman bestie of 20+ years Kate who is the closest to a sister I’ll ever have. We’ve got so many exciting plans in the mix as we continue working together and we can’t wait to share our shenanigans very soon …

For now Happy International Women’s Day to all incredible females showing up for themselves and doing their thing each day 💕

🌸To celebrate this glorious day orders placed online today and tomorrow will receive £10 OFF on all purchases over £40! 🌸