Motto Botanicals :: Botanical Luxury Room Scent Mist - 100ml

Our Motto Botanicals formulas have been expertly crafted using natural ingredients including 100% botanical essences and fragrances known for their effective and therapeutic qualities. 100% Vegan friendly and many Organic ingredients used throughout. Made in small batches in Wales.
Scent your space and linens with our collection of 100% pure botanical mists.
Whether to calm or uplift spirits, use our botanical mists to delicately scent your world wherever you are.
// CLARITY - Purify & Rejuvenate
// HAPPY - Uplift & Invigorate
// STILL - Calm & Soothe
// REVIVE - Refresh & Balance
// RESTORE - Reset & Nourish
// AIR - Focus & Renew
Each mist is presented in a frosted glass recycled and recyclable bottle with a spray pump. Refillable by request at our local Pontcanna store.


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