Bloomtown Pink Himalayan Salt Soak - The Grove (Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit)

Turn bath time into the ultimate pampering experience with mineral-rich, beautifully scented Pink Himalayan Salts, enriched with vitamin E.

*Please note that as a natural product, batches may vary in colour -  pink Himalayan salts naturally range from dark pink to light pink.

Since ancient times, humans have sought out mineral-rich springs to soak their weary bodies, and for good reason! Salt baths have the power to draw out excess moisture and swelling from aching, over-worked limbs. Our salts have the added benefit of aromatherapy, so put on some soothing tunes, pour yourself a glass of prosecco, lie back, take a deep breath and savour this time to've earned it!

This listing is for The Grove Pink Himalayan Salt Soak: Take an energising walk through Bloomtown's groves of blood orange and pink grapefruit.



Expertly Hand-Crafted in Cornwall

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